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Learn the 3 Keys To Unlocking The Perfect Image
By downloading the guide, I'll teach you:
Photography Concepts
Photography Concepts
Learn the basic photography concepts to help you know how to run your camera settings.
Camera Settings
Camera Settings
Having the knowledge about camera settings are very important to being able to control your image. I have been controlling my camera for over 12 years and can tell you exactly how to use manual.
Camera Lighting & Composition
Lighting & Composition
You must know how to use the light around you and place your subjects or the camera settings will not matter. I have shot in multiple settings throughout the years to have the experience to share all of my camera tips with you.
Why is this important? Here's why you need this guide!

This guide explains in detail how to work the camera and explains how it can be used for the perfect image. I have learned all the ins and outs of operating a camera and have taught so many others to do the same.
That's not all...
Grab the camera guide, and I'll also show you:
How to achieve the correct exposure.
What is Aperture and how to adjust it.
What ISO settings to use. What settings it affects.
Capturing that beautiful crisp image.
About Danielle
Photography Tips and Tricks from Danielle Collins
Hey, I'm Danielle

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I help photographers start their photography business using my All-in-One program.

I am the owner of Elles Photography Studios, with studios in Athens, AL and Panama City Beach, FL. I’ve been a photographer for over 12 years, specializing in family, wedding, maternity, and newborn photography. I have won multiple awards along with photographing for major hospitals, banks and other businesses.
Learn the 3 Keys To Unlocking The Perfect Image

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